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Connecticut Green Burial Grounds is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. CGBG's mission is to

• promote the establishment of green, or natural, burial grounds in Connecticut;

• educate the public, funeral professionals, and cemetery associations in the benefits and desirability of green burial;

• establish generally accepted standards for green  burial and green burial grounds.

CGBG welcomes questions and comments from all interested parties. Green burial grounds in Connecticut are invited to submit information for listing on this site.

Green burial, or natural burial, is the practice of burying the deceased to promote  the decomposition of the body and ease its natural cycling back into the ecosystem. The body is not embalmed with any nonbiodegrable chemicals. The casket or shroud is of biodegradable materials, without paints, glues, synthetic fabric. The gravesite is typically mowed only once a year, at most, to maintain a meadow condition. See CGBG's green burial standards for more details.